Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Randomosity

The headline read that a paparazzi got beat up by Justin Bieber. Dude, man up! The kid’s like 9 years old, he has the muscle tone of a flounder. You can’t complain about getting beat up by a fish!

Stories seen on back to back days: Naked man killed while eating the face of another man and Man disembowels himself with a knife, then cuts off pieces of his intestines and throws them at police. What . . . the . . . hell . . . is . . . going . . . on . . . in . . . this . . . world?

My Walmart rant begins now:

What the hell is wrong with that store why was everyone in York County there on a Wednesday afternoon a Wednesday afternoon for Pete’s sake and why why why are there never enough check out lines open when you have eight to ten people at every line maybe you should open more lines you numnuts and why for the love of retail shopping would you let a whole line of customers standing there while one person goes back into the store to replace something that was defective and then when she comes back with another one and that one appears to be defective you let her go back into the store a second time while letting the rest of us in line waiting until our bones turn to dust so when I change lines and go to a 10 items or less and the first woman in line clearly has more than 10 items why won’t anyone enforce this why have the sign up if you’ll let someone bring 20 items and not make them go to another line I think the guy behind me is right they need a force of Walmart cops to give out tickets for stupidity like this and to the woman with the cart full of crap why didn’t you have your wallet out and waiting why did you have to dump your entire purse out on the counter top to find your method of paying for your mountain of low priced made in China appliances and bake ware only AFTER everything had been rung up why why why why why why why why why why

End of rant

Another Bieber related item in the news: The hack, I mean singer, is in Norway and all the little teenage blond girls went ape shit for the Biebs. Fun Fact: Bieber in Norwegian means “David Cassidy”.

Kathy Lee Gifford, on whatever show she’s still allowed to host, asked guest Martin Short how his wife was doing. That would be the wife that died 2 years ago. Oh Kathy Lee, when will you learn? You’re terrible at everything you do and that delivers a little schadenfreude to us all.

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