Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Down at the Old Phishing Hole

On a weekly basis I receive phishing emails that are made to look like my credit cards, my phone company, etc. Most are very authentic with logos and business language. They come from addresses like Visa_admin or Verizon-customersupport, something that looks and feels official. Yesterday I got a phishing email that was so amateurish I actually felt bad for the person trying to scam me.

The email address it came from was simply “Credit Card”. Not Visa, not Mastercard, not even the annoying little brother of credit cards, Discover. Just “Credit Card”. The body of the email was three lines long and changed point sizes 3 times. My favorite though was the misspelling of “you’re” as “you’r”. I decided to reply.

Dear Credit,

Thank yu for you’r resent communicashun. I appreshiate you letting me know that my new statement is availabull for my Credit Card. I will log in and check it out as soon as my lobotomy is compleeted.



Tonight I’ll be dipping my feet in the old phishing hole and casting my line out to see how many red herrings I can catch.