Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Perfect Circle of Ignorance

In an interview with actress Angie Harmon squealed with delight at being a republican because quote “republicans don’t point fingers” and “have class”.

So, by saying republicans don’t point fingers, you’re implying democrats do which is . . . pointing fingers. And pointing fingers is . . . classless . . . so . . .

Dear, sweet, addle-pated Angie, you have done what few people have ever achieved. You have disproven your statements with your own statements! A perfect circle of ignorance. Congratulations Angie, here’s your prize: complete and warranted derision and mockery.

Since Angie got the ball rolling, here are a few other things republicans are:

hypocrites—Newt Gingrich recently took Notre Dame University to task for inviting President Obama to give the commencement speech at graduation because his stance on stem cell research was anti-Catholic. Newt’s scorecard in the “who’s more catholic” contest includes not actually being Catholic until I think yesterday, as well as 3 marriages. The first wife he divorced while she was still in the hospital recovering from surgery. While married to the second wife he had an affair with future wife #3. What do you think, Angie? Got any pithy comments about that? Let’s move on.

liars—when the stimulus bill was first announced, republicans claimed it would spend $30 million protecting a species of mouse in Nancy Pelosi’s district. Nope. Not in the bill. They also claimed there was $8 billion in it for a rail link from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Uh . . . no. Again, not in the bill. Angie, that’s what we call lying and some people feel it’s wrong.

douche bags
—see Rush Limbaugh for a variety of vile, ignorant, misleading, belligerent, bilious, foul, disingenuous, untrue and fetid things he’s said.

fearmongers—9/11! 9/11! 9/11! See also socialism! socialism! socialism!

Sorry Angie. I’ve been very classless and finger pointy with this post, but I’m not a republican. I am someone who can smell bullshit and your breath stinks.

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  1. You shouldn't be so hard on Nut..Oops I mean Newt. He's so honest that the tea baggers...Oops I mean the tea party people made him co-chair or the group.For a group that wants to be considered grassroot and non-partisan it was a good choice to pick a bias, bigot like him.Slowly but surely there won't be ANY Republican party left.