Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 Days

It’s 2012 and what do we have? Seven idiots running for the republican presidential nomination, someone got arrested at Lindsay Lohan’s house and another celebrity couple is getting divorced after barely a year of marriage. Seems a lot like 2011 to me.

Of course, it has only been 3 days so maybe I should give the new year a break. How much could it actually have accomplished in 3 days? Hmm.

Woodstock—3 days of peace, love and music

Gettysburg—3 day battle that effectively lost the Civil War for the south

Apollo 11—3 days to fly from the Earth to the moon

Wimbledon—in 2010 Nicolas Mahut and John Isner played the longest tennis match in history stretching over portions of 3 days with Isner finally prevailing 70-68 in the 5th set

With these events in mind I think it’s time for 2012 to step it up. Three days now seems like plenty of time for the new year to distinguish itself from 2011. I don’t know about you, but I’m still working the same job for the same pay, my car still has 117,000 miles on it and I still don’t love vegetables (2012 is supposed to teach me to love vegetables so I can be healthier. Damn I want a donut).

I think in the past I was content to let the new year ease into its job, take care of the previous regime’s problems first before announcing its presence. But I’m 46. My life needs action to change. I know 2012 still has that new year smell and we’ve barely gotten the oil mixed through the entire engine, but I think my list proves it’s possible to accomplish a lot in 3 days.

It’s clear what happened. The 1st was a Sunday so 2012 took it easy. It slept in, no doubt with a hangover, and when it did finally get up, it never made it out of its pajamas and bathrobe. A little hair of the dog while watching football and boom day 1 is over with nothing accomplished. Day 2, television was filled with college football bowl games. 2012 was in a pick ‘em pool. Instead of helping people with resolutions, the new year was on 2011’s couch, eating hot wings while imploring Wisconsin to score before his whole ticket was blown. Today was day 3, a Tuesday of all days. Nothing of consequence gets done on a Tuesday. 2012 knows this so it went to OTB trying for the trifecta, lost, and spent the evening smoking weed with 2009 and 2010.

We are all very disappointed in you, 2012. I know many people had very high hopes for you to start strong. We all have a lot of problems and were counting on you to have answers.

Oh well. Maybe day 4 will be a day of miracles, if we can get 2012 out of bed.

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