Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goodbye Rush

I read a headline recently that Rush Limbaugh said that if Healthcare Reform passes he will leave the country. I believe he later clarified that he would leave only for what he deems better healthcare, but I am choosing to ignore the clarification because I find it funnier to think of him having to leave the country. To that end I have written a short poem for the occasion:

please, please go,
leave, get out,
end your show.

No one will miss you
No one will care,
you're not special
you're not rare.

America doesn't need you
we'll be better off.
If you really love this country
you'll piss off.

Good riddance,
leave right now.
We'll help you pack,
Bang! Boom! Pow!

You made the statement
now live up to it,
don't be a prick
you racist piece of . . .

Why don't we end this
on a good note:
Good bye
get on the boat

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