Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Campaign of Martin O’Malley: Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley recently held an “event” in Iowa where one person showed up. They chatted for a while and even with one-on-one attention he still couldn’t convince the gentleman to vote for him. I imagine it went something like this:

O’Malley: Hey, thank you for coming out in this bad weather.
Voter: I’m not voting for you.
O’Malley: Uh, ok . . .
Voter: I’m here ‘cause ya got muffins.
O’Malley: Muffins?
Voter: I like muffins. Blueberry.
O’Malley: All right.
Voter: What’s your name again?
O’Malley: Martin O’Malley.
Voter: Could you pass the butter Marty? I like butter on my muffins.
O’Malley: Sure.
Voter: The wife won’t let me have butter.
O’Malley: Here you go.
Voter: You got any marmalade?
O’Malley: Security!

I knew the day that O’Malley announced his candidacy that this is where we would end up. There are only a handful of politicians who are national names and O’Malley isn’t one of them. I haven’t even seen one person who lived in Maryland when he was governor who says they would vote for him. Again I ask, where does the hubris of these men come from? How much money that could have gone to a charitable use has been wasted because of Martin O’Malley’s ego?

I didn’t watch any of the debates but I’ve heard people say O’Malley acquitted himself nicely at times. But at this stage that’s not enough to defeat the comedy team of Hillary and Bernie. Or Bernie and Hillary. The billing seems to change on a daily basis. Martin O’Malley’s not even the opening act. He’s the guy who performs for free on the boardwalk hoping a few voters will throw a dollar in his hat after his treatise on immigration, and then stick around for his gun control closer.

I read that in the last debate a few days ago there was a question that both Bernie and Hillary were allowed to fully answer but before O’Malley could answer NBC cut to a commercial. They forgot he was part of the debate.

Director: Annnnnd . . . go to commercial.
Assistant: What about the other guy’s answer?
Director: What other guy?
Assistant: The tall one on stage behind a podium.
Director: How did he get on stage? Security!
Assistant: I think he’s running . . .
Director: He can run but he can’t hide.
Assistant: Never mind . . .

He’s on a stage and no one can see him. He speaks into a microphone but no one can hear his voice. This is Martin O’Malley’s candidacy.

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