Monday, July 16, 2012

Not Quite the 1%

I’ll be retiring soon, just wanted to let everyone know. I’m coming into quite a tidy sum of money so it’s time to move to the beach and look for change with a metal detector before napping the afternoon away.

Myself, my sister and one of my brothers run a store on Café Press called Yoe Creek Designs. Here’s a link:
Go there now and buy something. I’ll wait.

We received a check last week. Unknown to us we were part of a class action lawsuit. Someone sued Google, won a settlement and we get a cut. It had something to do with Google’s Ad Words advertising program which we’ve used in the past. Yes sir, right there it was in the mail. A fat, juicy check for . . . $0.65. Split three ways I am now the proud possessor of 21.6 cents. Suck on that Google.

It feels good to stick it to the man. Even though technically I didn’t do anything or even know it was happening, it still feels good to be on the winning team. I love the smell of litigation in the morning.

Not sure if I should put it all in a money market account or just invest part of it. I could buy that stick of gum I’ve always wanted or an ounce and half of Coca Cola. I could always go the real estate route. Maybe put a down payment on a Bic pen that I will later use to fill out a loan application. So many decisions to make now. Having money can be a burden.

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