Friday, April 20, 2012

If You Don't Read This Blog You're as Bad as Hitler

The republicans sure do like to compare people and things to Hitler. You can’t attach Ann Coulter to a bicycle chain and swing her over your head without hitting some republican numnut on a soapbox yelling in their most vehemently fear-mongering voice “blah blah blah is just like Hitler!” To which the crowds of salivating, farting sycophants claps their stubby hands together and chant “As bad as Hitler! As bad as Hitler! We’re as ignorant as Hitler!”

The biggest target of this practice is President Obama, especially when protesting the health care act. Hitler was always trying to force health insurance on the German citizens. All those speeches we see in the film footage? All about health insurance. Premiums, pre-existing conditions, testing, Hitler just went on and on about it. Hmm. I was just looking in this history book and it seems that that’s not what Hitler did. Says here he invaded Poland, Czechoslovakia and France, starting World War II causing the deaths of millions. Huh.

Well there’s always New York republican Chris Collins who in a stump speech when running for governor said that Jewish speaker of the state assembly Shelly Silver was as bad as Hitler and in fact was the 3rd anti-Christ that Nostradamus predicted before the Apocalypse. His crime of course was making budget deals in private with other leaders. Just like Hitler. All those plans he made with Himmler and Goering and Eichmann to take the Jews from their homes and starve them in concentration camps were done in private. It’s exactly . . . hmm, now that I read it . . . it’s not the same at all. Huh.

Of course just the other day we have West Virginia republican Senate candidate John Raese comparing his having to put a sticker on his building declaring it a “smoke-free environment” to Hitler forcing the Jews to wear the Star of David. He actually said the words “Same thing.”  So to John Raese the fact that he has to let the world know that smoking is prohibited in his building matches up exactly with Jews in Germany having to wear an identification patch so the Nazis would know who to murder when the time came. Mr. Raese has been given several chances to apologize and say “I’m an asshole who should never speak or hold any public office”, but he has held steady to his belief that comparing ANYTHING to a man who murdered 6 million people is okey dokey.

My message to the republican party: Shut the fuck up.

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