Saturday, March 21, 2009


Good evening and welcome to my 8 week course “How Not to Write a Blog”. I am professor Percy Tim Winkelstein. Of course, that’s just my teaching name. I have others: my New York stage name, Horst von Rootrot, my 50s Italian sexpot actress name, Hollyhobby LoBianco, and my name when bill collector’s call, No Habla Ingles.

Now that that’s out of the way, welcome to Cosmic Overdrive, my first attempt at a blog. As you can already tell I have no plan for where it will go. There is no theme, motif, style or direction. I plan to drift into the void of space and time dragging satellites and discarded shuttle parts behind me.

So, you may ask, why am I writing a blog? Go ahead and ask. I’ll wait.

Thank you, that’s a great question. Well, it’s not because I love blogs because I rarely read them. It’s not because I have to document my every thought or bowel movement for posterity because actually I’m a private person who is uncomfortable revealing personal things. My reason for now is that I am a writer who hasn’t had time to write recently. Working 2 jobs to pay the bills has left me with precious little time. Not writing has depleted my inspiration so I’m hoping this exercise can revive it.

Until next time, I’ll end my introduction with an old poem of mine that I’ve always liked.

Secret History of the World, Fact #12

Original writings
of the masters
stored in
hermetically sealed boxes
and kept
in a warehouse
in New Jersey,
self storage compartment
rented by Lenny M.
who stops by
every Saturday
to read Faulkner
to the rats.

Copyright 2004 Originally published in Wilmington Blues

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