Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Conservative Pundit Dirty Limerick Time!

I can’t stand the cabal of conservative pundits that pollute the air waves, spewing their bile and flinging their feces around like enraged monkeys. I believe they are contemptuous of their “fans” that have made them rich by listening and watching their programs and buying their insipid books. They simply hit upon a way to get rich. They feed a certain segment of our population ignorant, racist and disingenuous fecal matter and for some reason the people eat it up like mashed potatoes.

I have been laughing my ass off listening to them try to spin the reason their boy Mitt got flattened like new asphalt by a steamroller. I decided the only real way to show my churlish discontent was with . . . dirty limericks:

There once was a blowhard named Limbaugh
Who liked to lick men’s sweaty balls
His tongue became swollen
Even more than his belly and
Now Hannity won’t take his midnight calls

There once was a vile piece of shit named Coulter
Who believed everyone but her falters
She’s an attention whore
and nothing more
quoth the raven fuck the rancid bitch

There once was a man named Hannity
Who babbled nothing but inanity
He’s a weak minded fool
And that’s not being cruel
I think he’s a tranny isn’t he?

There once was a station called Fox news
Who sang the Obama liberal blues
They told only lies
Then screamed weak alibis
Hey Karl Rove, fuck you!

There once was a man named O’Reilley
Who spewed horseshit while smiling
He thought he was great
But was really filled with hate
Right back at ya you skinbag full of bile

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