Thursday, February 16, 2012

"100 Horrors" Released for Kindle

I’m dispensing with politics today and in fact with the humor/satire I usually write with this blog. Today I’m using my blog as a promotional tool, sort of like whacking you in the head with a wrench. The anthology “100 Horrors: Tales of Horror in the Blink of an Eye” was released for the Kindle on Amazon a few days ago by Cruentus Libri Press.

The concept of the anthology is 100 horror stories written by 100 different authors, each 100 words long.

My story “Into the Darkness” is a part of the anthology.

It is a unique challenge to try and tell an entire story in so few words, but having read the anthology myself I can tell you the authors selected here were up to the challenge. There are some very creepy stories, the kind of ideas that leave you muttering, “How the hell did they think of that?” There are others that let you know the author is a sick, sick individual who is beyond hope of living in normal society.

The stories are micro-short. You can read them quickly and quietly, but the images will stay with you, tapping you on the shoulder every time you turn the lights out.

Now . . . GO BUY A COPY!

Seriously, go now.

Here’s the link:

C’mon, it’s only 3 bucks. That’s 33 and 1/3 micros of quality entertainment per dollar. You’re not going to get a better value than that in today’s economy.

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