Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Global Rocking

New from Hotter than Hell Records it’s the music collection for the global warming generation, Global Rocking! 2 CDs containing 23 songs of carbon dioxide emitting rock n’ roll.

The collection begins with a bang, “Climate Schmimate” by The Deniers.

Global warming?
It was freezing this winter
The only one who still believes
Is my baby sister

Punk rockers Titanic and the Icebergs contribute “I’m Melting!”

I’m melting, I’m melting
Holy shit it’s over
I’m melting, I’m melting
Everybody run for cover!

Only the biggest hits were included in this deluxe recording so it wouldn’t be complete without progressive metal heroes Permafrost and their song “Rise, Oceans, Rise”

Rise up
Oceans of our fathers
Rise from your slumber

Rise up
New ocean waters
Make your people humbler

CD number 2 will melt your face like an atomic bomb. The action starts with rap/rock super-group Al Gore’s Internet and their magnum opus “I Invented Global Warming”

Global warming is here
Instilling us with fear
I am the Gore man
I speak only truth man
We’re doomed unless we change here
You don’t understand we’re in danger

I invented this shit
I created my bit
Let’s come together and get lit
No need to throw damned fit
I invented this shit

And what music collection would be complete without a little reggae to dance to. Here’s 97% Agree with their chart topper “Who Cares, Let’s Get High”

The ice she is melting
Who cares
The water she is rising
Who cares
The Earth she is warming
Who cares
We are to blame?
Who Cares

Let’s get high

Global Rocking is available from Hotter Than Hell Records, produced by Rising Sea Level Productions and distributed by No Matter What Evidence You Present I Won’t Believe You Imports and Exports, Trenton New Jersey.

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