Saturday, September 10, 2011

Recommended Reading

I was never really a blog reader, but since I started writing one a few years ago, I decided I needed to become one. Over the past months I’ve searched the internet high and low using hi-tech government tracking equipment, chain gang blood hounds and a private investigator named Lou who charges $50 a day plus meals. My intrepid methods have uncovered hundreds of blogs, written on different subjects and in varied tones. Politics is a popular subject and there is no middle ground. They are either liberal in view point or conservative or bat shit crazy. There are also numerous “humor” blogs such as mine. I dearly hope mine is funnier than most of the ones I’ve found because otherwise I’m deluding myself. There are a lot of really unfunny people out in the world who believe themselves to the height of hilarity.

Another popular motif is the “confessional” blog where the writer bares their life, every blessed square inch of it, in the posts. Every daily event and emotion that goes along with it is transcribed for an audience of voyeurs to either commiserate or pass judgment in the comment section.

The one type of blog I’ve never understood is the one that just re-posts news items and pictures from other sites. Its no wonder the internet resembles a house on Hoarders. The same objects are getting posted a hundred times, many times by people who seem to need the recognition as the one who brought it to their segment of the internet.

Enough rambling by me. The whole point of this post was to let you know about a few blogs I’ve been reading that I like and maybe you would like them to:

Mental Poo --

You can get a feeling for the tone of this humor blog just from the title. The writer’s name is Rodney, or you can refer to him by his nickname The Midget Man of Steel. The humor is adult oriented—swearing and sexual jokes abound—but Rodney is a very funny guy. He likes to Google odd word combination to see what it returns, he’s very fond of drawing crude pictures to get his point across, and he really enjoys screwing with people and posting the results on his blog.

The Hubby Diaries --

This is another humor blog written by a woman who got married sort of late in life (32 I believe) and has now been en matrimony for about 8 years. For some odd reason she finds the things her husband does and says worthy of writing about in a humorous way. It’s all done with respect and love even if she is a bit confused by his behavior. I don’t find his behavior odd at all, but then I’m a guy.

Personal blog for Christian Larsen --

Christian Larsen is a writer like me toiling in the obscure underworld of online zines and small presses. His blog is pretty new. He’s written some about his experiences writing (like dreaming the first page of a short story), done some movie reviews and also advertised a few of his stories with links to where they have been published. He’s a good writer in the speculative arena.

Brutalism --

Don’t let the title scare you (it’s named after a style of architecture), this is a humor blog. Written by a woman named Kathleen who also writes a column for a website with news and information about the town in Virginia she lives in and works in marketing. The posts are about her family and things that happen in daily life and she writes with a healthy dose of sarcasm and cynicism which I identify with.

Paranormal Utopia --

This one is obviously not going to be interesting to everyone, but I’m a fan. I love reading about UFOs, paranormal experiences and conspiracy theories. This site has all kinds of articles and links for UFO sightings, alien abductions, odd photographs, movie trailers and lots of conspiracy theories including one I read last week that had Bill Clinton’s clone refusing to sign a bill that would dismantle the IRS and give every citizen in the U.S $10 million to pay off their debts and start over. I love this stuff.

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